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An old Friend

During the week I had a call from a an old client. He brought in his Terada acoustic guitar back in 2013. The peghead was broken off, it had sections of timber missing and needed a full rebuild of the peghead. I cleaned up the finish too. It was cloudy and dull with dirt and age. Being an Antique Restorer by trade comes in a handy as a luthier...

He was calling for the same thing again...!? Peghead broken off...??? No not the glue giving? I was a bit anxious at point. But turns out that it wasn't in a stand, and fell over, got a big knock and cracked the glue. The break was part glue cracked and part new break in the timber. It was a much cleaner break that the first repair and went together really well.

The finish was holding up, with no signs of wear from when I cleaned it up three years prior. It was good to see the Terada again. It has great value to the client with many years of love and attention given to it over the last 30 plus years that He has owned it.

Originally the client came to me with it looking to recover his pride and joy from many years of it having its broken peghead. Too much 'not enough time' had passed; it was time to play her again.

Restoration brings with it its own thanks. You are in a privileged position to experience the client's passion for their piece, be it that one piece that they have to remember their Grand Parents, or that one guitar that has been with them for many life experiences.

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